J.Foster International offering quality Power Generation Solutions

J.Foster International offering quality Power Generation Solutions

J.Foster international has been working in the power generation sector for more than 25 years now. Their diverse range of products helps them distinguish their products from their competitors in the market.

J.Foster international has the capacity to cater to the needs of customers from all walks of life. Perkins provide exclusive High end generators to the affording costumers. The mid and lower financial range of customers are provided with LOVOL generators which are similar in quality but lie in the low price bracket.

Mr. M.Javed, Director J.Foster international during an exclusive interview with Engineering Post revealed that “We are dealing with the dairy industry of Pakistan on a very large scale. Our clients include market leader Nestle Pakistan, Fauji food, engro foods and many others. We are also providing the complete range of products required in the poultry sector”

J.Foster International is assembling 13 kVA to 1250 kVA Generators in Pakistan. Keeping in mind the need of small scale businesses J.Foster is also assembling LOVOL and QC technology generators in the market.

“LOVOL is used in small scale automotive industries, brands, Clinics and small hospitals. The reliability of this brand is so high that more than 80% of poultry farms in Pakistan are using LOVOL generators in their setup “He said.

Keeping in view the green initiative of the government and the overall impact of climate change, J.Foster international is also venturing into solar power solutions. For pursuing this endeavor the company has introduced Q Cell solar panels in Pakistan. Q cell is a German brand being manufactured in China. While commenting on the project M.Javed said, “The reliability of solar units depends solely on the manufacturing quality. Low quality products can be potentially hazardous and can also cause financial loss the costumer that is why we have introduced the best quality of solar solutions in the market” explained Mr.M.Javed.

Another important market being targeted by J.Foster international is the Firefighting equipment used in Pakistan. The engines used in firefighting equipment are also being provide by J.Foster in Pakistan.

Due to the economic instability and volatile condition of the market business slow all over the country. M. Javed shared his views regarding this matter “Although the times are tough right now, we are hoping that as industries start functioning again the demand of our product will soar massively. Hoping for lasting peace and prosperity in Pakistan” he commented.