J Foster International launched Hybrid Power Bank in Pakistan

Mr. Mohammad Javaid, CEO, J. Foster International share his thoughts with Engineering Post

J foster international is a leading multinational brand based in Pakistan that provides engineering and technology products including generators and renewable energy equipment of the highest quality. Being a prominent name of the engineering and power solutions in the market since 2005, the company initially started their work as a specialist generator providers for dairy, poultry, banking and telecom  sector. Initiating at a relatively moderate scale, the company has grown to become one of the most reliable and creative power solutions provider in the market worldwide including Pakistan.

Engineering Post had the honor to meet the CEO of J. Foster international, Mr. Mohammad Javaid who explained the aims and goals of this highly successful and well-known company. During the interview, Mr. Javaid described how the company has been providing good quality economical products to their clients to gain their satisfaction, as well as developing reliable engineering and power solutions to be presented to the market that have been a complete success in terms of quality, standard, maintenance and working. While addressing to the topic, Mr. Javaid said that the company has been able to build a highly functional and extremely beneficial technology, named as a “hybrid power bank”. The product is able to acquire energy from either the main grid, pre-installed batteries or a source of solar energy, ultimately, providing continuous power supply in emergency situations or to the places where loss of power is unaffordable. The product is designed to be portable to provide as much ease of usage, management and maintenance as possible. The product is extremely energy efficient, environmental friendly and useful.

Furthermore, he stated that the aim for developing such a beneficial product is to ensure a continuous supply of green energy to the required place or appliance and to get rid of all the problems regarding low power supply, shortage and frequent power outage in Pakistan. The product works with rechargeable batteries and has the ability to provide non-stop energy for 24 hours continuous back up supply. He expressed his worries over the growing rate of gas emissions due to the lack of usage of an environmental friendly and renewable power source and stated that the goal of our company is to provide such solutions to promote the use of green energy on small as well as large scale.

Commenting on the recent large scale power outage that happened earlier in the country, Mr. Javaid highlighted that power burden on the non-renewable energy sources of our country has lately been on the rise on a daily basis and J foster international is keen to develop more energy efficient products and play their role in the decrement of energy shortage and promotion of power equilibrium in the country.

Answering to a question regarding the official unveiling and pricing of the “hybrid power bank”, CEO J. Foster, Mr. Javaid said that the company is aware of the current economic conditions of the country and has decided to use all the locally manufactured parts to be installed during the large scale development of the product which will promote the local industries and the Pakistani engineering market, ultimately playing a great role in further stabilization of the current economy of the country.