IEEEP rapidly evolving with new technologies

Engineering Post taking in the perspective of Engr. Khalid Pervez, Chairman IEEEP Karachi Center

The Institution of Electrical & Electronics Engineers Pakistan is one of the few institutions truly dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge in Pakistan. It serves as a platform for professionals and students to engage with the global community and stay current with advancements in technology and engineering. IEEEP provides its members access to a wide range of resources, including technical journals, conferences, and educational programs. It also organizes various events and activities, aimed at promoting the advancement of technology and promoting the professional development of its members, including the IEEEP Fair and IEEEP Multi Topic Symposium which are the hallmark events of its Karachi Center. IEEEP is committed to promoting scientific and technical knowledge, fostering professional growth, and encouraging the exchange of ideas and information within the engineering and technology community in Pakistan.

The  IEEEP Karachi Center has always been very active in arranging constructive activities especially under the leadership of Engr. Khalid Pervez, its Chairman.. Recently Engineering Post had a detailed discussion with Engr. Khalid Pervez regarding the activities of IEEEP and the upcoming Multi-topic Symposium at Karachi. During the conversation he explained how IEEEP has evolved with time and has not been limited in its scope. “Our aim as per our constitution is the dissemination of knowledge. This has a very diverse meaning and is not limited only to bookish knowledge. We have a platform with professional engineers having years of experience that can contribute to the matters relating to our field and I believe we should do it whenever possible,” he said.  Engr. Khalid Pervez is one of the visionary engineers who has always advocated to promote the engagement of engineers in policy making as much as possible in the engineering related matters. . At the time of privatization of KESC, he organised a press conference, in the capacity of Vice Chairman where he shared IEEEP’s reservations regarding the way the process was being undertaken and ironically received a lot of slack from his fellow engineers for it. “In today’s world we cannot limit ourselves only to technology but we need to contribute using our knowledge and experience whenever there is a decision to be made regarding our industry,  profession, and the country” he added

The IEEEP Karachi Center has been organizing the Multi Topic Symposium every year from the last almost 40 years which is a major technical event. It provides a platform for researchers, engineers, students, and practitioners to present and exchange ideas, results, and their case studies on a range of topics related to electrical, electronics,  computer engineering and allied areas. The symposium typically features a wide range of technical sessions, keynote speeches, and panel discussions on current and emerging technologies and trends. The Multi-topic Symposium is an opportunity for attendees to network and collaborate with their peers from academia, industry, and government organizations. It provides a forum for participants to learn about new research findings and developments, as well as to discuss emerging challenges and opportunities in the field. . “This year we will be organizing the 37th Multi Topic Symposium. . On the second day we’ll organize  panel discussion on one of the key topics amid current local and global scenario, which is ‘Make in Pakistan’.. I am truly proud of the fact that IEEEP is evolving with time and technology as we saw last year that people from three different locations abroad also participated and read papers through internet connection ,” said Engr. Khalid Pervez

IEEEP also organizes a Student Seminar every year in a bid to encourage students for their efforts in research. The Student Seminar is a valuable opportunity for students to learn about the latest developments in electrical, electronics, and computer engineering. The event provides a unique platform for students to present their research findings, network with their peers from other universities, and learn from industry experts and academic leaders in the field. The idea behind it is to create a platform where students can interact with the professionals in the field. Moreover they come to know in their early educational career that a professional body exists which is working for their betterment. Engr. Khalid Pervez informed that every year many universities show their interest in participating in the student seminar. “This time around 30 research papers will be selected.. To appreciate their efforts we distribute cash prizes as well as medals to the students. Selected papers will be presented at the Multi Topic Symposium to be held on March 16 & 17, 2023 at Pearl continental Hotel, Karachi. “Our objective is to appreciate and encourage students as well as to strengthen the industry-university liaison,” he said. He also emphasized the importance of faculty members to play their role for fostering the relation between industry and academia so that the students of today know what technologies they will be working on as engineers of the future. Under the current economic situation with import ban and the escalation of dollar price the whole country is under stress. Many industries including ones from the engineering sector have been forced to shut down or halt operations in the country while others are contemplating ways of survival during this time of crisis.  We candidly asked Engr. Khalid Pervez his opinion about the current situation and how he thinks the country can be pulled out from the current economic problems. His response to our question was brutally honest “I believe that we cannot come out of this crisis without our leaders and people at the helm of affairs  becoming sincere with Pakistan.. Our country has such a vast amount of talent and untapped resources that if we start utilizing them in the interest of the country, keeping the national interest far above our own interest we could become self-sufficient in all respects. We are squandering the resources of the country at just our own whims, with no accountability. Take the example of Heavy Mechanical Complex, Heavy Electrical Complex, Steel Mill, which hardly performed well.  PIA was one of the most sought out flight in early 60s on the London-New York-London route. It was destroyed to satisfy the endless greed. The examples are unending. We can still get out of these problems but for that first we need honest people who sincerely want to work for the betterment of the country. Regrettably, present political system has no remedy on these lines” he stated. “Nevertheless, we must strive our utmost to strengthen our beloved country through hard work and honesty and never get disappointed”, he added.