International gas pipelines to help meet energy requirements

The Petroleum Division of Ministry of Energy is aggressively pursuing the international gas pipeline projects to meet the energy needs of the country. The Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) Gas Pipeline Project and North South Gas Pipeline Project are clear illustrations of such efforts of the Ministry of Energy.

The TAPI project has achieved substantial progress during the current year. The construction work has already been started in Turkmenistan and is expected to start soon from Turkmen-Afghan border to Herat section. Construction activities in Pakistan were previously delayed amid tensions with India but are now set to kickoff during the first month of 2020.
This is peace pipeline project and promises connectivity between Central and South Asia. It will pass through war-torn Afghanistan to boost economic activity there and ensure peace and stability in the region. This project will also help connect two regions through road, rail and fiber cable network.

The TAPI Project Company (TAPI Pipeline Company Limited TPCL) has established its project office in Dubai and also opened a branch office in Islamabad. To fund the project activities, the Government of Pakistan is regularly contributing its committed share in the project.

Interstate Gas Systems (ISGS) is working on some pipeline projects that also include TAPI, North-South Pipeline and Offshore Gas Pipeline. In addition, the company also plans to set up underground gas storages to ensure energy security through load management in the country.