(Inflation) Cost of Nawabshah substation project Increased by Rs860m

Due to the recent appreciation of US dollar against Pakistani rupee the cost of development projects has increased. Around Rs860mn has been added to the previous estimate of Nawab shah substation up gradation project, from Rs 4.909 billion to Rs 5.769 billion.

The project includes construction of 220KV substation at Nawab Shah with three 220/132KV, three 250 MVA transformers along with allied equipment and accessories and construction of a 220KV D/C transmission line (approx 65km) on twin bundle Rail conductor from Moro to proposed Nawab Shah Substation.

The project will lead to improve voltage profile, system reliability of network and reduction in the loading of power transformers. The scheme will also result in overall power system efficiency and stability to deliver adequate and quality power to the consumers of HESCO I SEPCO area.

The project is being undertaken prospectively keeping in view the increasing energy need of the area because thousands of megawatts addition in the system could result in frequent tripping and heavy breakdowns