Industrial automation and its scope in electrical engineering

Industrial automation and its scope in electrical engineering

Mr. Imran Zafar, Enercon Systems International (Pvt) Ltd

Being Electrical Engineer by profession, I would ask what are the basics and most conventional engineering, The Electrical. And the immediate branches Electronics & Industrial Automation.  I also believe that acquiring skills in Industrial Automation is pathway to go to learn more about the newest data management technologies.


We talk about intelligent data handling, managing, analysing and cloud based wireless transfer of data; however, the most important part is to fetch the data from the source. One of the important functions of Programmable Logic Controls (PLC) is to collect data via digital or analogue hardwired lines; the PLC then transfers the data to bigger intelligent data management devices.  This function & scope of PLCs is not going to replace in near future.

From Oil & Gas, Cement, Food Processing, Textile, Water Technologies, Steel, Automotive, Chemical, Power plants, etc., all kind of industries heavily rely on different kinds & types of PLCs for their operation.

Programmers needs to understand the process and then based on programming language of his choice, he needs to develop the logic, the most common programming languages are ladder logic (LD) , Function Block Diagram (FBD), Sequential Function Charts (SFC) , Structured Text (ST) etc.

Based on number of devices connected in the process, the suitable and compatible PLC Hardware is selected; every manufacturer offers customized Central Processing Unit (CPU) for specific applications. In addition, there are different type of PLC designs e.g. standard PLCs, fail safe PLCs, redundant PLCs etc. to cater different ambient conditions. While doing communication with different devices, it helps engineer to learn different industry protocols and standards. Controlling & viewing of the operations is done through Human Machine Interface,  usually through a separate software for HMI.

Way Forward?

After PLC programing & HMI Software development, next step is SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition). After designing some heavy SCADA projects, one can move towards Data management and analytics.

How Enercon Systems intend to help ?

Our country lacks optimum infrastructure in its rural and urban areas. The major industries in the country are textile, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Chemical, Cement, Steel etc., with the ever increasing population of 200 Million plus, we see positive growth in industrial sector as more consumers to reach for power and other household needs. With intent to give back to our society, we have started our initiative by taking some time out to design a course which can help young engineers to pursue their career in Industrial Automation.

We are not a training institute but a multinational industrial organization which originated from United States and re-expanded from Singapore in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines & Myanmar.  We work in Power plant controls where we design system using different brand of PLCs to control Gas & Diesel Generators, we ensure that all power sources run together and share the load, these Generators runs 24hours and dedicated operators do the monitoring of the system with Industrial Human Machine interfaces.

Who can benefit from our Course?

Engineering students, fresh graduates and early professionals & industries can benefit from our course, if you want to know about our company and the course we offer, refer to our website