Indigenous production of raw materials need of time

Economic & Financial Analyst, Ateeq Ur Rehman has urged the industries to stop relying of imported raw material and start thinking about the production of all raw materials indigenously.

He said the government should permit vehicles’ movement carrying imported raw materials, imported capital/finished goods for manufacturing & pharmaceutical industries, etc and make their movement easy on inter-provincial & inter-city roads to keep essential industrial units, operative.

It is the need of the day that we should maintain the smooth supply chain, under the present Covid-19 situation/ lockdown, so that there is no shortage of supply to meet the demands in these days.

He further suggested that the relief package announced by SBP with PBA, loans and advances is an excellent step especially for SMEs of Pakistan, where the loan payments and advances were deferred for 1 year except for markup, also the existing limit of loan for SMEs Rs 125 million has been enhanced to Rs 140 million.