IMS Engineering promoting made in Pakistan culture in the country

Mr Hassan Murtaza, Executive Account Manager at IMS Engineering talks to Engineering Post

IMS Engineering Pvt Ltd is an independent business entity of HAQ HOLDINGS working in diverse fields of Power Generation, Building Management systems, Security Surveillance and Fire and safety system, Infrastructure development CCTV systems, Automations and much more.

IMS Engineering (Pvt) Ltd has recently been very prominent in the news after becoming the highest bidder for Heavy Electrical Complex Taxila. IMS Engineering has also recently acquired the manufacturing facility of Schneider electric located in Karachi to promote local manufacturing of parts.

Engineering Post had an exclusive interview with Mr Hassan Murtaza, Executive Account Manager at IMS Engineering (Pvt) Ltd to discuss these latest developments and their plans for the future. Mr Hassan explained that IMS has three regional offices in Pakistan as well as offices in Dubai for international projects. The company closely collaborates with renowned brands from all over the world including Schneider Electric, ABB, Honeywell (for Fire Alarm, CCTV), Mamac, KELE and ACI for projects.

While speaking about the recent acquisition of Schneider electric manufacturing facility in Karachi he said “Although we have bought the manufacturing facility, still Schneider is our principle; we use products of Schneider electric, follow their international guidelines and work under their supervision,” he explained.

During the conversation he explained that the vision of IMS Engineering Pvt Ltd is to provide package solutions to their clients. “We want to create a one window operation for grid solutions, Power plant automation so everything is available to the client from a single supplier,” he said.

While speaking about the acquisition of Heavy Electrical Complex Taxila he said that once all the legal formalities are completed, IMS Engineering wants to utilise the full potential of the entity “At HEC they have the equipment to manufacture power transformers. We will revive and start in-house manufacturing in such a way as to make it export oriented and also to fulfil the demands of local market,” he said.

IMS Engineering (Pvt) Ltd is a Low limit contractor under Pakistan Engineering Council under which the company can undertake large scale projects. They employ a huge team of engineers who are internationally certified and qualified to work in different segments according to their specialities. During the conversation Mr Hassan Murtaza said that the local market is looking at the new acquisitions of IMS Engineering very optimistically “We plan to promote made in Pakistan culture again by reviving facilities like HEC. At IMS our in-house research is increasing and upgrades are being implemented so that we can cater not only the local market but international market as well,” he said

IMS Engineering has already started working on designing new solutions for the customers. The company has recently Integrated IBMS with their Blockset. Mr. Hassan revealed that the integration panels were completely designed and manufactured in their new factory in Karachi. The company has plans to utilise facilities and resources to manufacture imported products in the country to decrease the import bill as well. “IMS has acquired manufacturing setups to make LV, MV switchgears and transformers. Having plans for production in the country and we are hopeful to introduce latest technologies in Pakistan with the help of our principals to serve the market.  We would like Pakistan to be in the same line with the international market and to introduce the latest state of the art products in Pakistan so it can progress and prosper in line with developed countries,” he added.