IMS Electric providing state of the art products with a focus on customer satisfaction

Alp Arsalan Sabir, Manager Safety and Security at IMS Electric talks to Engineering Post

IMS Electric has gained the position of the top manufacturer and services provider of the industry, in a very short span of time. IMS Electric’s strategic investments in infrastructure, commitment to international standards, and unwavering focus on employee well-being has position IMS Electric as an industry leader, poised to navigate future challenges and seize opportunities in the ever-evolving landscape of electrical engineering.

Alp Arsalan Sabir who is currently serving as Manager Admin safety and security has worked at the company for more than 2 decades. Joining as a Quality and Calibration Engineer in December 2000, Sabir embarked on a journey of continuous learning and growth. Through rigorous training, both locally and internationally, he fine-tuned his skills, eventually ascending to the pivotal role of Manager in Admin, Safety, and Security.

During a recent encounter, Engineering Post had a detailed conversation with Alp Arsalan Sabir where he explained how IMS Electric operates. “As a trusted license partner for Schneider Electric, IMS Electric specializes in an array of services, ranging from retrofitting to turnkey projects, providing end-to-end solutions to clients,” he said. Their steadfast commitment to upholding the highest industry standards is palpable through their adherence to international best practices. Mr. Arsalan further explained that upon a customer’s arrival, IMS Electric ensures a thorough safety induction, establishing an environment that prioritizes security and comfort. “The creation of an event and customer room further exemplifies their dedication to enhancing customer experience, equipped with cutting-edge audio-visual resources for informative sessions,” he added

IMS Electric takes immense pride in its ISO certifications – ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001. “These certifications not only underscore their dedication to quality but also highlight their meticulous approach to maintaining well-documented and traceable systems, placing a premium on systematic efficiency over individual dependence,” explained Alp Arsalan

It is very important for the success of a company to adapt to changing environments and create new solutions according to new requirements. In the face of the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, IMS Electric displayed remarkable resilience by swiftly adapting to the new normal. “The introduction of virtual visual inspections allowed customers to remotely witness the production process, showcasing IMS’s commitment to transparency, at the same time ensuring customer safety during the Pandemic,” said Mr Alp Arsalan

From time to time a company needs to invest in the upgradation of their machinery and equipment. Strategic investments in infrastructure have been pivotal for IMS Electric’s progress. “The integration of a cutting-edge laser cutting machine has revolutionized sheet metal cutting, achieving newfound levels of precision and perfection. Furthermore, IMS Electric has also established a VAV manufacturing workshop. IMS also offers BMS panels for energy management,” revealed Mr. Alp Arsalan This consistent commitment to up-gradation reflects IMS Electric’s forward-thinking approach, aligning their offerings with evolving market demands. Understanding the paramount importance of a motivated and well-cared-for workforce, IMS Electric ensures that employees are provided with onsite meals, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. Moreover, a dedicated recreational room has been established, furnished with exercise equipment and table tennis facilities, further enhancing the work environment. “These measures help a lot in keeping the workforce motivated, relaxed as well as healthy which ultimately results in increased efficiency,” said Mr Alp Arsalan.