Import friendly policies are essential for self-sustainability and export competitiveness of Pakistan

Engineering Post in conversation with Adnan Sheriff, Director, Jubilee Corporation

Jubilee Corporation, a pioneer in the industry since 1962, remains committed to being the market leader in electrical, electronics, and automation technology. Every member of the Jubilee team works tirelessly towards customer satisfaction, community progress, and the betterment of Pakistan. Through six decades of dedicated service, the company has ensured the availability of state-of-the-art products and solutions, even during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recently, Engineering Post had the opportunity to have a conversation with Mr. Adnan Sheriff – Director, Jubilee Corporation. During the conversation he explained that companies in Pakistan need to incorporate the latest innovations and technologies in their solutions, “A need for electrical products right from the very basics such as switches, fuses, wires to the most sophisticated electrical machines and systems incorporating artificial intelligence or Internet of Things, will always exist across the whole spectrum of industries including manufacturing or service driven or a hybrid of both. The recently held IEEEP fair 2023 showcased a wide variety of cutting edge electrical solutions that Jubilee Corporation promotes in the various sectors of Pakistan for its customers,” he said.

Pakistan needs to work on increasing its exports and decreasing its dependence on imports. During the conversation, when asked about it, Mr Adnan Sheriff gave a very detailed answer: “It goes without saying that exports need to scale up; this will only happen in a sustainable fashion if entrepreneurs in fields such as textile sports and surgical goods producers have the incentive and backing of continued encouraging policies of the government. The costs of inputs and raw materials of the manufacturing sector would need to be brought down which could make Pakistan’s exports offerings competitive and desirable for the global market. Secondly, there needs to be a greater transparency and a trickle-down effect of a policy, for example prices of petrol, recently the government gave relief of Rs. 40 per litre which was well received however this drop is yet to translate into a relief for the common person as far as basic commodities and their primary needs are concerned. Since the pace and depth of technology transfer in Pakistan has not yet achieved the levels witnessed in some of our neighbouring countries it would be essential for government policies to keep encouraging commercial importers especially those who have played a significant role in introducing innovative products solutions into Pakistan through the decades so that the transition from imports dependence to self-sustainability through technology transfer and eventually to exports competitiveness could be achieve,”

While talking about the latest projects being undertaken by Jubilee Corporation he said “Our most recent engagement is with state-of-the-art power quality solutions involving active filters for elimination of current harmonics, from distribution systems and static VAR generators for actively improving power factors. These technologies complement the earlier solutions introduced by Jubilee Corporation in the 1980s and 90s in the form of detuned filter reactors that passively reduce harmonics and capacitors for PFI. Another newest addition is the medium voltage automatic voltage regulators for continuously monitoring input voltage and ensuring a stable output voltage by employing on-load tap changing technology for fast adjustments in voltage. To further access the technology avenues being introduced continuously by Jubilee corporation please visit our website”.