Importers/Exporters demanding demurrage chargers to be waived

Importers/Exporters demanding demurrage chargers to be waived

Patron-in-Chief of United Business Group (UBG) and former president of FPCCI, S. M. Muneer, has urged the government to waive the demurrage chargers at port to facilitate the investors.

Commenting on reports of the ECC extending the “free time” period at Karachi Port Trust from 5 days to 15 days, he said that the period was very short as all matters related to import and export were affected adversely by the coronavirus and lockdown in the city.

  1. M. Muneer said that importers and exporters had been facing huge problems due to the virus and lockdowns. The entrepreneurs’ capital had been frozen while import and export activities were lying almost stagnant.

Some shipping lines are charging up to $150 per day for 1 container which is unacceptable and is causing massive problems for the importers and exporters.

“In this situation the business community would like to appeal to the prime minister to announce a waiver from demurrage charges and extend the “free time” period to 30 days at the ports”, he said.