Import of Textile machinery decreased

Import of Textile machinery decreased

The import of textile machinery has observed a sharp decrease during the period of July-Feb 2019-2020 according to the official figures. The import decreased by 6.48 percent to $316.316 million

Low import of textile machinery posted a fall of $21.9 million during July-Feb 2019-20 from $338.216 million during July-Feb 2018-19, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics points out.

February 2020, however witnessed an increase of 22.21 percent or $6.491million in textile machinery import to $35.718 million, comparing to their import of $29.227 million made in February 2019.

The same decreasing trend was not observed by the construction and mining industry. construction and mining machinery surged by 171 percent or $19.05 million to $30.785 million in Feb 2020, as against $11.735 million in Feb 2019.

Up by 34 percent or $39.757 million, the country imported $1.567 billion of electrical and other apparatuses during July-Feb 2019-20, comparing to their imports of $1.170 billion in July-Feb 2018-19.