Import/Export facing delays at Ports

Karachi Customs Agents Association (KCAA) has re-reported about the unnecessary delays along with shortage of staff in the clearance of import and export batches as the headache of traders. The import and export batches at the Model Customs Collector at Appraisement and Facilitation of East, West, AFU Port Qasim and Exports are facing unnecessary delays due to shortage of staff at the customs stations. As the appraisement staff was quite busy attending file work, PRV, AIB, RND, audit, FTO, tribunal and hearings in the court of law on a regular basis, most of the goods declarations persisted in queue for two to three days before being assigned to the appropriate officers. Subsequently it will take another two to three days more for grounding and examination with another cycle of three days for the goods declaration to be opened by the assessment officer. There has been only one examiner posted at all the three sheds at the Air Freight Unit (AFU) causing severe delays for clearance of air consignments, half of which must be clear on urgent basis. KCAA has remarked that if the same procedure remains under operation, this might result in the loss of export orders.