IEEEP Fair 2018

Selfless efforts and a dynamic team are behind the success


Mr. Asif Siddiqui, Chairman IEEEP Karachi Center

Talks to Engineering Post.

1) How do you see IEEEP Fair 2017 better than the previous ones?


It was not long ago when we were trying to fill up our one solitary hall. Last year we had 3 halls with lots of international participants. This year we have 4 Halls, lots of international participants plus many participants from up country, the feature which was totally absent in previous years.
2) What do you think is the reason behind continuous growth of IEEEP Fair?


  • Initially people didn’t realize the fact that IEEEP FAIR IS THE ONLY EXCLUSIVE ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING FAIR in Pakistan.
  • With time we have learnt and improved it bringing it to International Standards.
  • Now we concentrate more on letting people know about it.

3) How many stalls and halls are expected to book?


This year the demand for our stalls was phenomenal. Our 3 Halls were already almost full by March this year. Five months earlier. Our 4th hall is now also almost full and we are now in a position where we have to sometimes refuse intending participants due to non-availability of space.

4) How IEEEP Fairs helpful for the local industry?


Old business moto is “The more you show the more you sell”. We give them the opportunity to show it to the relevant people who matter in the industrial world and are decision makers. It automatically promotes them.


5) Do you see any impact of the CPEC on this fair?


Not much yet but eventually it would.

6) Is there any conference parallel to the expo being organized and what is the topic?


Yes, this is also the first this time. We are having a full-fledged conference on “Computing, Electrical & Electronics” in parallel in the same premises.

7) What measures are being taken to increase the number of visitors?


The event has been thoroughly advertised and most of the known names in Manufacturing Industry, Construction Industry, Utility and consultants have been invited.

8) Should the IEEEP Fairs be managed at cities other than Karachi?


Yes, but it needed a lot of selfless, hard and non-stop effort of IEEEP office bearers, specially our Vice Chairman and Convener Engr. Navid Ansari along with Badar Expo which brought it to this level. You will need the same effort elsewhere also, which is difficult to find.

9) Do you feel the arrangements this year are better than the previous years?


After every event we do a thorough self-assessment to evaluate our success and record all feedbacks. We try to remove all complaints and short comings in the next year. Every next year is therefore better than previous.

10) Team matters the most. How do you see your team’s role towards organizing this event?


Our TEAM IS THE MAIN SPIRIT behind its success.


11) Do you think that other IEEEP centers also need to be professionally active?


OH YES. But there is a Self Less effort needed which is missing. I see a lot of potential in Hyderbad Center though.


12) What role do you think Engineering Post is playing for the promotion of IEEEP Fairs in Pakistan?


I must Commend Engineering Post for being most instrumental in promotion of all events of IEEEP specially the IEEEP Fair. They are almost our team.
Please mention some more important points not asked in the questions.


Technological developments are now taking place in the world with dizzying pace. The World we live in would not be the same after say 10 years when there will only be electric cars, mostly driverless, old professions & businesses dying out being replaced by completely new ones and our life patterns completely changed due to all this. This is the time when we must be ready to adopt new products, systems & technologies otherwise we shall be left behind. Engineering Post shall also have to adjust itself accordingly while propagating to the rest of the world.