IEEE PES Organizes 1st technical seminar 2019

On March 19th, second activity of the year was organized by IEEE PES Chapter Karachi at Sunset Club, Karachi. A versatile event was arranged where more than 50 participants and industry leaders were facilitated by Platform and got opportunity of engaging with each other as IEEE is committed to serve Engineering Professional to evaluate their technical knowledge and create building blocks of an enduring and diverse professional network.
The topic of one-day seminar was “Electrical Safety Requirements” and the distinguished speaker of Seminar was Engr. Tahir Saleem and Engr. Parkash Lohan as Chief Guest. With the Recitation of Holy Quran, the seminar started. Engr. Parkash Lohana gave Thank You note to seminar.
The seminar majorly consisted of two parts. The first part of the seminar was on the Safety tools, signs, dressing, and protection against direct contact, Electric Shock, Electric Arc, Arc Flash boundary and different Standards (IEEE, NFPA, and ANSI). A healthy discussion on different topics during a seminar on the short circuit topic with the example that Fire at Regent Plaza was not due to short circuits but due to poor and substandard cables, instruments and bad engineering practices. The speaker surprised everyone by saying that fires are not caused by Short Circuits, but due to corruption by officials. He mentioned that the standard used for Electrical Installations is a 1910 Indian act modified in 1937. The speaker showed various videos to show the distress caused by fires and not using adequate standards. He frequently used terms like ANSI/IEEE standard BS standards of OHAS and other such documents He talked about Grounding, Grounding switches, Surge Protection SF6 Gas Insulators and many such terms. At the end of the session, an IEEE Membership Development presentation was given to encourage industry Fellow to be part of the IEEE organization by Engr. Parkash Lohana.
In a long run of 60 minutes, this satisfactory event was attended by large number of professionals and refreshed with high tea.