IEEE PES Chapter Karachi organized a Technical Seminar. This was the Sixth activity of the year 2019. It was a versatile event where participants and industry leaders were facilitated by a provision of a platform where had the opportunity of engaging with each other. IEEE is committed to helping the engineering Profession and to evaluate their technical Knowledge and create the building blocks of a diverse professional network.

The one day seminar was held by the topic of “THE NEED OF ELECTRICAL SAFETY LEGISLATION” Engr. Tahir Saleem was the Speaker of the seminar.

The Technical Seminar started with recitation of Holy Quran after which a Thank you noted was given by Engr. Parkash Lohana, MD Chair IEEE Region 10.

The first part of the seminar was on the Electrical Safety, Electrical circuits – Earthing, Protection against Direct and Indirect Contact, Different Earthing System, Automatic Disconnection of the TT system, Current Path Flow, Range Of Tolerable Limits, World Legislation and World Legislation.

The President DHA gave a detailed presentation in which he elaborated the need of Legislation for safety of human life in light of 30 deaths which occurred due to electrocution in Karachi. He further said that he considered KE responsibility only about 30% and the responsibility mainly lies with the legislative institutions. At one time he blamed Electrical Inspectors solely responsible for all deaths. He explained that as Circuit breakers were not installed on poles, it was the main reason of catastrophe. He frequently used terms SC circuit current, Breaker Capacity.

Currents in excess of 25 milliamps are fatal and the acceptable tripping time for single phase circuits is .2seconds and for three phase .07 seconds

A healthy discussion was conducted on different topics during the seminar. At the end of the session, an IEEE Membership Development presentation was given to encourage industry Fellow to be part of the IEEE organization by Engr. Tahir Saleem. The lecture lasted for more than 60 minutes, and was attended by a very large number of Professionals from Industry. After the Seminar, High Tea was arranged.