IEEE organized seminar on “Condition Monitoring of Generators & Motors”

The 6th Technical Seminar of year 2022 organized by Power Engineering Society PES, IEEE, Karachi R10 was held at sunset club on 15th December 2022. The seminar was chaired by Ishtiaq-ul-Haq, Chairman PES, IEEE, Karachi R10.

The presenter was Mr. Ghulam Murtaza and the topic of the seminar was “Condition Monitoring of Generators & Motors”

Condition Monitoring of large generators and motors is an important tool in predictive maintenance for machines and plants. By collecting and analyzing certain signals from motors / generators, etc. potentially developing faults and inefficiencies can be identified, and unplanned downtime can be avoided.

Online Condition Monitoring emphasizes the continuous monitoring of a machine or any production process and is a non-interrupted process. There is no word like ‘Shut-Down’ in Online Condition Monitoring. It helps the users to pre-estimate the cost of faultsand figure out the levelofthe fault. It also provides important benefits from a financial, operational, and safety perspective.