ASHRAE Pakistan’s annual Dinner to honour President Mr. Farooq Mehboob

On Dec 5th, 2022 the ASHRAE Central Pakistan Chapter hosted a Presidential Dinner in the honor of ASHRAE President Mr. Farooq Mehboob at Flattie’s Hotel during their visit to Lahore.

This event was multifold, consisting of DL Program, the Installation ceremony of the ASHRAE CPC elected officers FY 2022-23, and the honoring ceremony of Mr. Farooq Mehboob on becoming ASHRAE President FY 2022-23.

The event was well attended by ASHRAE Central Pakistan members, Senior and Executive members of PHVACR Society, and dignitaries from different Organizations like IAP-Lahore, Cold Chain Pakistan, UET-Lahore, and the University of Lahore. Mr. Farooq Mehboob was the Chief Guest at the event. Mr. Dennis Knight ASHRAE Treasurer 2022-23 / ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer, Mr. Tim Wentz ASHRAE President 2016-17 / Distinguished Lecturer, and Mr. Ahmad Nawaz President PHVACR Society were the Guest of Honor.

Mr. Tim talked on “Human Behavior towards Net Zero Energy Building” while Mr. Dennis Knight talked on the Developing an Integrated personal Management system. Both the ASHRAE DL talks were well appreciated & well evaluated by the audience. 

In 2nd round, Mr. Dennis Knight installed the Central Pakistan Chapter Officers and BOG members for term 2022-23. Elected President of ASHRAE Central Pakistan Chapter, The round was followed by Mr. Abdul Rehman’s “Chapter President” address in which he covered his previous year and currant year’s activities, future goals and emphases on the joint work with the other organization like IAP, MOCC, Pakistan Cold Chain Association, and PHVACR Society to promote the ASHRAE mission.

On the conclusion of program, the Honoring ceremony of Mr. Farooq Mehboob was held. Central Pakistan Chapter founding President Mr. Arshad.S Sheikh, PHVACR Society President Mr. Ahmad Nawaz, and Mr. Abdul Rehman presented the Punjabi Turban to Mr. Farooq Mehboob and share their thoughts on his great achievement & services for ASHRAE & Pakistan. After that, Mr. Farooq Mehboob President of ASHRAE 2022-23 delivered his presidential speech to the audience.