Hub Bridge and bypass to be reconstructed after weather damage

Heavy rainfalls in major cities of the country have recently caused a havoc to the construction and development of the major cities of the provinces. Hub Bridge and bypass collapsed during these rainfalls which created extreme problems for the citizens as well as the responsible authorities. National Highway Authority NHA approved the construction of the bridge and bypass as a quick fix of the issue.

The decision was taken during the 403rd EBM of the authority which was held under the chairmanship of capt. Muhammad Khurram Agha (retired), chairman of National Highway Authority. The disturbances created by the rain and weather conditions were reviewed and discussed upon in the meeting.

The bridge on the Hun river collapsed due to heavy rain earlier and the traffic was directed ahead through Hub bypass which is a secondary route. Both the sites are about to be fixed and reconstructed as decided in the meeting. These constructions will play a vital role in the socio economic development and will also prove to be extremely helpful for the citizens.

Chairman NHA also ordered the staff to recover all the damages caused by vad weather conditions and stated that smooth traffic flow on the highways and ease to the citizens is our first priority. He also instructed to be alert in case of emergency.

During a high level meeting at the Ministry of Communications, federal minister Mahmood also instructed to be vigilant in the weather conditions and keep the flow of traffic smooth and running. A control room has also been set up at the NHA headquarters in this regard, which includes maintenance units and support staff to ensure immediate response in case if a road or a highway is affected. Chairman NHA and secretary of communications has also left for Balochistan to review the conditions after receiving instructions from PM Shehbaz Shareef and Asad Mahmood.