Hisense LED panels production, Tri-Angels Electronics to invest $1.3m

Tri-Angels Electronics announced to invest $1.3 million through its clean lab that it has already established in Pakistan to produce light emitting diode (LED) panels.

Tri-Angels already spent $1.5 million in the country’s electronic market with an initial 100 employees at its setup, which will rise up to 200 until the completion of Clean Lab in January 2019. Tri-Angels began its production of Hisense from July 1 2018.

During a ceremony held at a local hotel, Tri-Angels Electronics announced its collaboration with Hisense – a top TV brand in China, Australia and South Africa, which enjoys a reputation of being the world’s fourth big product. The LED TV manufactures of Pakistan, Tri-Angels Electronics launched the latest and top of the line LED and Laser Televisions by China’s number 1 TV brand, Hisense in Pakistan.

Tri-Angels introduced 4K LED, 4K ULED and Laser TV technologies in Pakistan through Hisense, which has acquired Toshiba and Sharp. It is now producing units all around the world. Tri-angels can produce 500 sets a day. This will give 8 percent growth in Pakistani market.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Tri-Angels Electronics, Imran Ghani talking about company’s vision said, “Tri-Angels electronics through this collaboration with Hisense will leverage its world-leading production and technology-development capabilities.

Hisense – a 39-year-old brand – has been leading the market for the past 14 years in China as a top TV brand and ranked fourth globally. It has now been launched in Pakistan through its exclusive distributing partner – Tri-Angel Electronics. They also established Hisense manufacturing plant in Karachi and started production of LED TV’s.

At present, it has three overseas production bases, seven overseas R&D centres and 18 overseas companies partnering with Pakistani manufacturers. Their top products include Hisnse 100 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV with optimal brightness, Hisense U9 ULED TV, Hisense U7 ULED TV, and many more.

The Karachi-based Tri-Angel Electronics (Private) Limited, has a network spread over five cities nationwide with around 350 dealers in urban, rural and metropolitan areas of Pakistan. Providing after Sales Service support through five company owned Service Centres and 17 contractual workshops spread all around the country. Chinese Vice Consul General in Karachi, Li Xiaomeng and Chinese Consular Attaché, Qin also attended the ceremony.