Haseen Habib Trading Introduces Pakistan’s First Wireless Centralized Fire Alarm Network System

Haseen Habib Trading Pvt. Ltd. is the first to introduce Wireless Centralized Fire Alarm Network Technology in Pakistan. This Simplex – USA system carries World highest third party Listing of UL and approval of FM. The System has been implemented with Graphic Command Center which carries Location Maps of all the connected Nodes and is capable of pin pointing the location of Fire on graphical maps of the affected premises wherever the fire has occurred. It can also generate emails for remote monitoring of events of all the network nodes.
This system is currently protecting five physically distant wet and dry ports and warehouses of DPWORLD Qasim International Container Terminal including;
Operations Building – Node 1 of Fire Alarm Network AND TrueSite Workstation Graphic Command Center – Master Node
1. QICT/Custom Block – Node 2 of Fire Alarm Network
2. T2 Building – Node 3 of Fire Alarm Network
3. MTO CFS – Node 4 of Fire Alarm Network
4. NLCCT – Node 5 of Fire Alarm Network

The future plans of this implementation include monitoring and control of complete system through iOS and Android Apps from anywhere in the world.