Haier Pakistan’s Commercial AC Dominates the 2023 Overseas Entrepreneurs Summit in China

Mr. Salman Saleem, Sr. National Manager, CAC talks to Engineering Post

Haier Pakistan has seen remarkable success and acceptability in the home appliances and commercial air conditioning market in Pakistan. For several years now the company has been one of the top brands available in the Pakistani market. With a broad range of products such as refrigerators, Split A.C, washing machines, Smart LED, deep freezer at affordable prices, Haier Pakistan has become a household name across the country. Their state-of-the-art VRF and Oil Free Centrifugal Chillers have also made them a leading player in the commercial air conditioning industry.

During an exclusive conversation with Engineering Post, Mr. Salman Saleem, the National Manager overseeing Commercial Air Conditioning at Haier Pakistan proudly announced that Haier Pakistan has been awarded for the best performance in sales in commercial air conditioning department globally. “In our recent Entrepreneurs Summit held in China, Haier Pakistan was awarded the Best in sales in the commercial AC department globally. Colleagues from various global regions participated in the summit. Centred around the theme of “Communication Creates Value,” the summit was divided into three sections: Innovation, Sharing, and Win-Win, exploring how to accelerate the construction of Haier Smart Home’s global communications ecosystem. Amidst a sea of prominent participants, Haier Pakistan distinguished itself by securing a top-tier position at this prestigious summit. Which means that even in such challenging times Haier Pakistan was able to deliver remarkable results in this department,” he said. Haier’s outstanding sales figures, especially in the commercial air conditioning sector, have been consistent, positioning the brand as a frontrunner in the industry.

“In tough times, Haier has demonstrated remarkable growth, exceeding 70% in the commercial air conditioning segment over the past year,” states Salman Saleem. “By the close of 2023, this growth is expected to escalate to nearly 100%, a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation.”

Looking forward, Haier is gearing up to launch a ground-breaking product—a floor-standing commercial air conditioning unit equipped with built-in Wi-Fi. Salman Saleem shares, “The new product will revolutionize user experience by enabling remote control via a dedicated app. This innovative feature allows users to control the unit remotely through an app, offering convenient access for users while contributing to energy conservation efforts.

Amidst widespread disruptions in the supply chain, Haier Pakistan has admirably maintained seamless operations. Salman Saleem emphasizes, “Despite industry-wide shortages, Haier’s commercial air conditioning division ensured timely product deliveries, a testament to our robust supply chain strategies.”

Haier’s unwavering dedication to innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction has solidified its standing as a market leader. Salman Saleem expresses pride, saying, “Haier continues to lead by adapting to challenges, delivering high-quality products, and introducing cutting-edge technologies, ensuring we remain at the forefront of Pakistan’s commercial air conditioning industry.” Haier Pakistan has also invested heavily in upgrading its production facility at Raiwind, doubling its production capacity to 1.5 million refrigerators per year. The factory will be used to target exports, contributing to Pakistan’s economy and providing job opportunities for the local community. Expanding on its scope of local manufacturing, Haier Pakistan has also begun locally assembling 2-ton to 4-ton VRF indoor units in Pakistan and aims to start local assembly of outdoor units soon.