Gwadar transforming from CPEC gateway into thriving international business hub

Engineering Post Report 

The pivotal gateway of the great game changer China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the mushrooming  landscape of Gwadar is undergoing remarkable transformation as as the  city was rapidly  evolving  into an international business hub which augurs well  for the people  of the country at large and the people of Balochistan  province  in particular. 

However, this meteoric rise in economic activity comes hand in hand with an accelerating demand for electricity.

Duly recognizing the direly critical need  for addressing  the increasing demand and  requirements  for power of   the Mekran/ Gwadar region, with  a focus on short, medium and long term  scenarios , comprehensive plans have been planned at the appropriate concerned official levels for bolstering the city’s energy infrastructure..

According to the information available from the National Electric Power Authority (NEPRA) regarding energy provision and supplies to Mekran/Gwadar region from short to medium  scenario, 70 to 90 MW of electricity is being imported from Iran  since 2003 on the existing  132 kv transmission line from Jackigoor   to Mand (Gwadar0.

An additional 100 MW was imported from Iran via 51 kilometers of transmission line    from the Plain area of Iran to Pak-Iran border and the interim 132 KV supply link from the Pak-Iran border  (Gabd) to Gwadar -Jiwani Transmission Line was completed early this year.

The permanent 220 KV supply link will be completed  after the required  funding arrangement from  EDBI of Iran and completion of  Gwadar 220  KV Grid Station and remaining 45 KM transmission line entails about 18 months construction time.

About 70 to 80 MW  electricity has already been achieved by linking  the  132 KV  network of Makran/Gwadar  to the national grid in June 2023.  The Quetta Electric Supply Company (QESCO) has also completed the  132 KV KV  transmission line between Basima-Nal-Nag-Panjgaur. According to the available information,  the power supply options  for Makran/Gwadar  in the medium term included the 300 MW Coal Fired Fire Project  at Gwadar under the framework of CPEC. The project will be completed  by December 2025  and the power will  accordingly be evacuated through 132 KV Transmission Lines to be built by QESCO.