Gulberg Lions Club holds free Eye and Dental camp

Gulberg Lions Club held a free eye and dental camp at Gulberg Lions hospital at bedian road, Lahore on 22nd November. The visitation of District Governor, Lion Sh. Rashid Munir and his cabinet members was also the part of the event. Chairman visitation was Lion. Mr Iftikhar Hussain. Lion Sh. Khushnood Ahmed was responsible for arrangement of the camp with his team. Specialist doctors were arranged to check hundreds of patients and later on performed free eye surgeries.

Lion, Sh. Rashid Munir highly lauded the efforts of Gulberg Lions Club and termed this camp an example for others to follow.

Residents of the nearby areas appreciated and thanked the efforts of Gulberg Lions club especially their president Lion. Mr. Ishaq Khan and his whole team. They were of the view that hundreds of patients get free advice and eye operations without even spending a single penny.

The president of Gulberg Lions Club and his team reaffirmed that they will keep on putting in their best efforts to be helpful to the mankind in future as well.