Green Industrial Zone initiative for capital

Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) is keenly working to implement the Green Industrial Zone initiative in the industrial areas of Islamabad. Green Industrial Zone initiative is aimed at increasing the plantation cover in the sector which was depleted due to massive construction and development. The industries are being encouraged to take effective steps to decrease air pollution. The green industrial zone initiative was initiated after Pak-EPA conducted a thorough survey of Industrial Estate of the federal capital situated in sectors I-9, I-10 and Kahuta Triangle In which a total of 185 industrial units were identified. Major source of air pollution are steel furnaces in Islamabad Capital Territory which are being regularly monitored by Pak-EPA through installation of cameras and online dust monitoring system.
There are 12 steel units which were causing pollution in sector I-9, I-10 despite strict monitoring and legal action. However, the apex court in its order of 5th July 2010 directed cessation of operations of all Steel Mills till such time the online dust monitoring system was installed on the stacks.
The Agency has notified National Environmental Quality Standards Ambient Air under Statutory Regulatory Order (SRO) no. 1062 (I)/2010 and industrial gaseous emissions under SRO no. 549(I)/2000
Presently, all the Steel furnaces situated in ICT have installed pollution abatement Technology and Pak-EPA regularly monitors these Steel units for ensuring the compliance of the national environmental quality standards (NEQS). These units are being monitored through CCTV cameras installed inside and on the rooftops of the Steel units. The Steel units are also submitting their monthly gaseous emissions report to Pak-EPA to ensure compliance.