Govt to help Wind Power producers, agreement signed

The government has signed pacts with Wind Power Producers (WPPs) in order to reduce generation tariff. The agreement has been signed after detailed deliberation and meetings with Pakistan Wind Energy Association.

The committee has offered to help and support the WPPs in relation to the following matters: (i) WPPs’ curtailment by NTDC/ NPCC to be stopped immediately coupled with an appropriate amendment into the EPA to remove any doubts. The NPMV concept to be amended to compensate the WPPs on the basis of energy lost during curtailment; (ii)  WPPs’ overdue receivables to be paid within agreed days from the date hereof; (iii) future invoices to be paid as per the EPA.

The agreement will become binding after getting approvals from different power firms. This document shall not affect the parties’ rights and obligations under the agreements signed pursuant to the Government of Pakistan’s RE Policy 2006 (such as the IA, the EPA, the GoP Guarantee and the Site Lease/ Sub-Lease).