Govt imposes procedural requirements for import of slag

The Ministry of Commerce has amended Import Policy Order, 2016 through SRO # 963 (I)/2019. According to the procedure, the government has placed procedural requirements on the import of slag, ash and residues (other than from the manufacture of iron or steel) containing metals, arsenic or their compounds -containing mainly aluminium. Only that import will be allowed which is made by industrial consumer having recycling facilities, subject to the NOC from the Ministry of Climate Change and duly certified by the provincial environmental protection agency (Federal EPA, in case of Islamabad Capital Territory). The materials being imported must be non-hazardous according to the Basel convention.
The Ministry of Commerce has taken the decision to ensure that the waste/scrap and recycling plants imported into Pakistan are non-hazardous. The provision of a pre-shipment inspection certificate and consent of the focal point of Basel Convention is from the country of export to the effect that the waste/ scrap is non-hazardous as defined in the Basel Convention. The Ministry of Commerce has also imposed a condition that the imported consignments of the registered recycling plants will be cleared from seaport only.