Government to invest in nanotechnology research

The government has decided to invest in nanotechnology research being undertaken in HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry, University of Karachi. The project was included in Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP). The total cost of the project is Rs 718 million out of which federal government would contribute Rs 213.708 million while the rest of Rs 507.463 million will be generated through foreign financing.

The project will offer low cost but highly standardized training programme in latest material sciences and biosciences methodologies, hence technologists produced by the institution will have great employment opportunities. It would also result in encouragement of research and innovation in areas of relevance for the economy and society, particularly by promoting close and productive and would help in interaction between private and public R&D institutions. Project would also promote university – industry and R&D linkages through research capacity buildings of universities.

The project has been planned after the realisation that this particular sector has multiple issues as presently more focus is on assembling and import instead of transfer of technology in this areas. Also, there is poor involvement of private sector in R&D and inadequate system of commercialization of technologies whereas there is minimal participation of national and international collaboration and linkages of universities and R&D organizations.