Government informs of country wide plans for development and progress

Ministers of the major sectors across the country are said to have decided taking major steps to ensure overall betterment of the industrial, financial and economical grounds of Pakistan. The government has planned a series of steps establish new industrial units and increase employment opportunities in the country. The government has informed the national assembly.

While describing, Murtaza Mahmud, industry and production minister told that 30 mobile manufacturing units have been allowed to manufacture Mobile devices locally. FBR has been giving different incentives for taxes and duties to the companies to provide a helping hand in the prosperity of the projects. Their aim is to increase local productivity and decrease imports to ensure quality manufacturing in the country and provide the consumers their products without any hurdles.

Tariq Bashir, minister for national food security highlighted that the Ministry is doing everything in it’s power to revive the agricultural sector after destruction of crops and agriculture due to recent floods. Wheat seeds will be distributed to the farming vicinities of Sindh and Balochistan in the upcoming 15 days for that purpose. Rs 9 billion have been arranged by PSDP and a world bank program for the attainment of wheat and oil seeds.

Sherry Rehman, the minister for climate change, said that maximum efforts are being made to build a system supporting better climate changing information to ensure necessary prophylactic measures in this regard. A national adaptation plan is also under way and will be prepared for such purposes.

During the seating, the minister of poverty alleviation, Shazia Marri also pointed out that the government has been taking calculated and effective steps to ensure the rehabilitation of the flood affected people. Rs 66 billion have been distributed among the flood affected people out the 70 billion count, and the system is running its course all across the country.

Parliamentary Secretary for Railways Kiran Imran Dar also stated that efforts were under way to recover the encroached land of Pakistan Railways.  952.13 acres of land had been retrieved during different anti-encroachment operations in the last five years.