Gender Equality & Sustainable Development

Engineering Post Report

The incumbent federal government duly recognizes  the relevance of  gender equality  to the national mandate  of achieving growth and prosperity, and the responsibility  to ensure that the national  policies and programmes  serve women and men equally.

According to the available relevant data, women constitute 48.7 per cent of Pakistan’s population. According to the 2021 Global Gender Gap Index, Pakistan has moved down  from 151st to 153rd  ranking now fourth to last globally.

The complete potential of 48.7 per cent of the country’s population ,however, remain barred  through  inequality  of opportunities  across multiple dimensions. The literacy level of men is 71.1 per cent as compared to 46.5 per cent  for women, resulting in less numbers of independent women. Although  an estimated  60 million women are of working age, only 22.6 per cent participate in ‘paid’ labour.

In 2020-21, under the  Ministry of Human Rights , Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Division, funds amounting to Rs 271 million were  allocated for women empowerment. Furthermore, all programmes under Ehsaas also have women quota,

Trough multiple consultations  and following the dismal  national  standing on  international development indices, the federal government  has highlighted gender equality  as a high priority goal. Accordingly, the establishment of  Social Sector Accelerator  will  facilitate  evidence-guided policy reforms and stimulate  development of key intervention packages, while engaging  national and international  experts  to expedite the closing of gender gap  across employment, education and political participation by identification of and supportive  supervision to priority  reform interventions in 2021-22.

 While the Agenda 2030 and global  gender gap provides a framework, there are key sectoral challenges that  need to be addressed  in mainstreaming gender and designing gender-transformative policies, as the priorities were set sometime back for the ongoing financial year 2021-22.