Gas Consumers addition and Pipelines Construction

Engineering Post Report

One of the two main national gas entities, Sui Northern Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) could add only 4460 new domestic  consumers  during the last financial year 2022-23 against a huge target of 400000 consumers only due to the moratorium  on new domestic gas connection  which was still in force.

SNGPL added 1492  and 30 new commercial  and industrial consumers  against the target of  2800 and 250 connections respectively. 

Moreover, SNGPL added 838 KM of transmission  and distribution  pipelines against a  target of  8158 KM.

Meanwhile another gas entity,  Sui Southern  Gas Pipeline Limited (SSGCL) added  new consumers  including domestic, commercial and  industrial consumers  against the target of  134276 connections.. SSGCL  added 768 KM of transmission and distribution  pipelines against a target of 1600 KM during the period under report..

During the last financial year total five  Energy (Fuel) Sector projects  were implemented by the Hydrocarbon  Development Institute of Pakistan (HDIP)  and Sui Companies  under Petroleum Division. Of  these five projects,  two HDIP projects and three were  gas supply schemes  to the Special Economic Zones  by SNGPL and SSGCL which have since been completed.

HDIP Projects.

Expansion and Up gradation of Pakistan Petroleum Core house (PECORE)  for its sustainable operations to  facilitate Oil and Gas exploration Research in Pakistan. The project envisages expansion of Pakistan Petroleum Core house through construction of  new storage capacity , up gradation  of allied    laboratory facilities  for analytical  services and value addition of well samples.  The recruitment  of the project staff has since been completed. The Core house construction work and procurement  of allied laboratory  was in the final stage of progress.

 Strengthening, Up gradation  and ISO Certification of Karachi  Laboratory Complex  at HDIP Operation  Office Karachi  was in progress. The project included  scope of up gradation of existing facilities through  procurement of state-of-the-art  equipment. Most of the procurement has since been completed and the project was expected to be completed by June 2024.