Founder of Minhas Pipes Mr. Rafique Ahmed Minhas passed away

Its fate that every born has to die but what matters is how folks remember you after departure as we all are stories in the end. A very respected soul and a man himself, Mr. Rafique Ahmed Minhas passed away on May 4th, 2019 leaving a wide gap in the history of Industry. This well-fair figure of industry and founder of Minhas Pipes spent life full of achievements and accomplishment. He spent a life which was not for himself only but spent most of his days for the betterment of human beings. Born on May 2nd, 1933, Mr. Minhas served as Member of Pakistan Movement and Muslim Student federation in 1947. He passed high school in 1948 and then started jobs for a decade from 1948-1958. In 1958, he started his own business from Railway Road and with a short run of two years; he became General secretory of Cutlery Market Association in 1960 and ruled as General secretory of Wazirabad Cutlery Association in 1962. In 1966, he struggled for the Establishment of All Pakistan Stainless Utensils Manufacture and Export Association (APSUMEA). After wriggled of nine years, he became the head of APSUMEA in 1975. In 1976 he established Minhas Welfare Society and also became the head of Traders Organization railway Road. On January 1st, 1979, he started his business in Gujranwala and developed free Drug Bank on May 2nd, 1982. On June 15th, 1984, he became the head of central trader’s organization. In 1985, he served as Vice President and Joint Secretory of Anjman- Behboda- Mareezan. On April 14th, 1987, he established Eagle Clinic and Eagle laboratory in 1988. He became Chairman of APSUMEA in 1991 and developed Minhas Pipe and Fittings in 2001. With his utmost efforts and fair business practices, Minhas Pipes and fittings has now become a highly reputed brand in Pakistan. In 2009, He established Haji Peer Mohammad Minhas Education Award. In 2010, Prime minister of Pakistan awarded him Medal of Brand Scientist and President of Pakistan awarded him best brand Export Award in 2011. In his long run of success, He established Minhas Clinic and Rehmat Lab and Minhas Educational Trust in 2013. In 2014, the government of Pakistan awarded him gold medal for Corporate Social Responsibility. Industrialist from all parts of the country felt the pain for the departed soul and termed it as a great loss for the whole country. May his soul rest in peace.