Five mega road projects okayed by CDWP

The meeting of Central Development Working Party (CDWP), chaired by deputy chairman Sartaj Aziz, has approved five mega road projects in Punjab for socio-economic development of the province. Projects include:

1. Construction of a four lane Bridge across River Indus linking Layyah with Taunsa including two- lane approach roads and training works (24.272 km) is referred to ECNEC worth Rs. 10.5 Billion. The proposed design of bridge and river training works with allied facilities are based on Hydraulic Model Study carried out in May, 2017 at IRI Lahore. It may be added that at present, the nearest link between Layyah and Taunsa is through DI khan–Darya Khan Bridge located 88 km upstream and Taunsa Barrage located 52 km downstream of the proposed bridge.

2. Construction of Kot Pindi Das Interchange on Motorway M-2 in District Sheikhupura with a cost of Rs 595.629 million. The project envisages construction of interchange on existing flyover of M-2 located at 32 km from Lahore towards Islamabad side to facilitate traffic movements on motorway M-2.

3. Farooqabad interchange on Motorway M-2, in District Sheikhupura with a cost of Rs 861.38 million. The proposed interchange will facilitate traffic movements to and from Lahore-Islamabad motorway to Farooqabad road by providing loop and ramp arrangements which will ultimately save the travel time and reduce fuel consumption.

4. The project of dualization of Sialkot–Pasrur Road (26.5 KM) with a cost of Rs 2.99 billion. The project envisages construction of new 2-lane additional carriageway in addition to the improvement, widening and strengthening of the existing 26.5 km Sialkot–Pasrur road. The existing structures/bridges will also be improved as a 4-lane facility.

5. CDWP approved a position paper for construction of 4 Lane Bridge and 2 Lane approach Roads across River Indus connecting Kallur Lot with D.I. Khan.