First graduation ceremony at Aman Tech

With support of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the Small Grants and Ambassador’s Fund program, Aman Tech, Pakistan’s leading vocational training institute for the underserved youth, initiated by the Aman Foundation, aims to empower adolescent women in Karachi and uplift their role in the society.

The TRAIN (Training for Adolescents in Need) project is 8 months long and aims to open multiple avenues of employment for out-of-school girls of Karachi who are 16 years or above.

This program provided them three months technical training in a Stitching Machinist course, and five months of primary education up to Grade V.

The purpose of this project is to provide the young women with a skill set that will bring them opportunities to achieve a certain level of financial independence.

The event marked the first graduation ceremony held at Aman Tech. The Aman Tech certificate for Stitching and Literate Pakistan certificate for primary education were given to the first batch of 39 young women who graduated from this course out of a total of 189.

The future of the program lies in the goal to train and graduate 700 young women over a period of 3 years.