Federal budget 2022 – 23 in first week of June

Engineering Post Report

Federal budget for financial 2022-23 is most likely to be presented in the National Assembly in the first week of June 2022. Federal Finance Minister Senator Shaukat Fayaz Ahmed Tarin  will present the federal budget which will be last and final presentation of the incumbent federal government of its stipulated constitutional term of five years.

Exact date  for the announcement of new federal budget is expected to finalized sometime in May 2022. The federal budget has to be presented, debated in the National Assembly and approved before June 30,2022 as the new financial years commences from July 01,2022.

Federal Ministries/Divisions  have been asked to get down to the important work of preparations of their budget  estimates of current and development expenditures by March 15,2022, the  meetings of the budget review committee will commence in  the fourth week of March 2022.

According to the information available from the Finance Ministry sources,  Budget Strategy Paper will be finalized on April 15 2022 following which the  indicative  budget ceilings  for current and development budget will be conveyed to the federal ministries and divisions in the third week of April 2022.

All important meetings of the Annual Plan Coordination Committee (APCC)  and the National Economic Council (NEC) will be held in May2022 for which dates will be announced sometime in April 2022. Annual Plan Coordination Committee will be chaired by the Federal Finance Minister and it will review  the Annual Plan 2021-22 performance  and accord approval to the annual plan for the next financial year.

Prime Minister Imran Khan will preside over the highest economic body, NEC, meeting which will approve the budgetary proposals and public  sector development programme for financial year 2022-23.