Fast Cables showcasing real quality products from Pakistan at International Markets

Engineering Post in conversation with Kamal Mian, Managing Director Fast Cables at Middle East Energy, Dubai

Fast Cables is a leading manufacturer of electrical cables, wires and LED lighting in Pakistan. The Company is focused on providing customers the best quality products and services, which contribute to the economic and industrial development of the country. Fast Cables believes in leading through innovation and has been the first in the cable industry to introduced state-of-the-art technology for production, product certification from international laboratories, and launch an SMS verification service called Fast Tasdeeq that allows customers to check genuineness of product. In continuation of this approach to provide Real Quality, in March 2022 Fast Cables introduced “Fast App”, the 1st App for Customer Services in the cables industry of Pakistan. This app allows customers to buy Real Quality Cables, verify the authenticity of Fast Cables’ products and much more.

Being the innovative company Fast Cables has been participating in several international events as well all across the world. Engineering Post met Kamal Mian, Managing Director, Fast Cables Ltd recently at one such event; Middle East Energy Dubai 2023. While talking to Engineering Post he expressed his desire for more Pakistani companies to participate in such international events to promote the country and their products. He urged TDAP to actively work on promoting the local companies so that they can exhibit their products to the international community. “Such events are a wonderful opportunity for reconnecting with the international vendors, refreshes your contacts and most importantly people from all over the world can see the products you are manufacturing in Pakistan. This week we are here, next week we will be exhibiting in Iraq” he said. Fast Cables has been actively working for promoting local products to the international market. They have participated in exhibitions in Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia and other countries as well.

Fast Cables Pakistan is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality products and services. The company uses the best materials and manufacturing processes to ensure that its cables and wires are safe, reliable, and long-lasting. It also has a strong customer support team that is always available to provide assistance and answer any queries that customers may have. Expanding on a successful local network now the company is working towards establishing a strong international clientele which can be beneficial for the company as well as Pakistan on the whole. “If the exports are increased not only the business but the country as a whole will benefit from export dollars arriving in Pakistan and filling our foreign reserves,” he said. “Pakistan is in a very strong position to export their products to UAE, Africa and other GCC and Middle Eastern countries and efforts should be made to make sure the markets are aware of Pakistani products,” he added. During the conversation Mian Kamal expanded on the importance of having a strong export base and targeted laws and incentives by the government for promoting exports of the country. “The quality of manufacturing in Pakistan has improved a lot in the past few years. Now the local companies need strong support from the government to successfully promote exports from Pakistan. The government is currently only incentivizing 5 or 6 sectors of the industry for exports. Why not incentivize all sectors so everyone starts putting in more effort towards exports. The governing bodies need to consider how important exports are for the country and take appropriate actions,” he said.