Engineering Post 2019 achievements

2019 is undoubtedly a great year for Engineering Post. Our main agenda of 19 was to promote Pakistan’s engineering industry locally and internationally in which we were superbly successful.

We were able to highlight the issues pertaining to the industry, which were never being highlighted.

Another major highlight of 2019 is that (on June) we totally revamped the website, to give a better experience to our readers and your response was amazing!

Here are the most important of all our achievements in the year 2019:

Became official media Partner of:

Big 5 (October)

ISK-SODEX (September)

Middle East Electricity, Saudi (October)

Oman design and build week (October)

Qatar Industry 4.0 Congress (November)


Represented Pakistan in:

Sunder Expo, Lahore (April)

Rawal Expo, Rawalpindi (April)

Electricity Pakistan Expo, Lahore (March)

Solar Expo, Lahore (March)

NUST Olympiad 2019 (March)

Middle East Electricity, Dubai (Dubai)

Ziauddin University, ZUFEST (Feb)

34th Multi-topic Intl Symposium (Feb)

HVACR Expo 2019 (Feb)

ITIF Expo Karachi 2019 (March)

Water Resource Management Seminar (Jan)

Electricity Pakistan Expo, Lahore (Feb)

17th POGEE 2019 (June)

Engineer’s Day celebration 2019 (June)

Networking Event PHVACR Lahore (August)

Soft Launch of 10th IEEEP Fair-2019 (August)

Job Fair 2019 at Usman Institute of Technology (UIT) (September)

World Ozone Day 2019 (September)

19th ITCN ASIA-2019 (September)

ISK SODEX Turkey (October)

10th IEEEP Fair-2019 (October)

Oath Taking Ceremony of Karachi Chapter (November)

15th Build Asia 2019 (December)

Water system and application by PSPP & IEP Karachi Centre (December)

Annual Ceremony of A to Zee Switchgear (smc) Pvt. Ltd. (December)

Nedian International Alumni Convention 2019 (December)

This has made possible because of your support, we’re thankful to our valued advertisers and our readers for supporting us and we expect you to keep supporting us in 2020 and in years to come and help us in lifting up the engineering industry of Pakistan.

Happy new year, and your feedback will be much appreciated, on what you expect from us in 2020, because for us even sky is not the limit.