Enercon arranges Technical Workshop for Students & Fresh Graduates

Enercon has recently conducted a technical workshop on the topic of MV Switchgears.  The participants included final year students, fresh graduates as well as engineers working in different organization. The training covered knowledge on MV switchgear design & construction, relevant IEC specs , industrial applications, type and categories of MV switchgear with respect to Electrical specs, with respect to technology and Electrical application, it was highly interactive session where participants were also informed about employment opportunities in the market and the relevant skills required to capitalize on the opportunities.

Engineering Post later talk to the trainer of the session & Enercon’s Country Manager Imran Zafar:

Engineering Post: Briefly tell about Enercon main business & idea about this workshop.

Imran Zafar:  Enercon is globally renowned name in Generator Controls, headquarter in USA, All brand new Caterpillar engines in Pakistan are supplied with Enercon Control panels. Being in Generator controls, our team comprises of electrical, electronics & industrial automation engineers.  Once we hire newly graduated engineers, they are really short of practical field knowledge and we need to design different set of trainings for them. We got this idea from our internal trainings to invite external participants in order to achieve following objectives minimum.

  • We train & groom our own staff with these trainings.
  • Fresh graduates & yearly professionals get the opportunity to learn the much needed industrial knowledge which will help him in their career goals.
  • Enercon as well as other industry employers will get better candidates from their specialized vacancies.

Engineering Post: What are the different topics you plan to cover and who will provide training for these sessions?

Imran Zafar:  Basically, we have two types of training sessions,

Two (2) hour training session, in which we plan to invite professionals from the industry who have earned their name with remarkable achievements, they will share their experience & knowledge with the participants, on topics like MV Switchgear, LV Switchgears, Electrical Protections, Transformers, Power Generations, Generator Controls, 360 Degree Industry review for Engineers Job & skills, Session on Job searching and interviews etc.

Sixteen (16) hour course, this is a detailed course on industrial Automation where we will give practical hands on training PLCs & Industrial HMIs.

Engineering Post: Tell us more about benefits for the participants

Imran Zafar:  For Students, there are multiple benefits, they can select their final year project based on the topics they learn, and they can decide the specific area to pursue in their career according to their interest and strength. For fresh graduates & early career engineers can grab new opportunities and they can excel in their companies by acquiring additional knowledge in short span of time.

Engineering Post:  There may be other institutions providing similar trainings, how do you differentiate your courses from them?

Imran Zafar:  As you know, we are corporate organization and that’s why we are different from traditional training institute, our courses covered only practical aspects and the applicable knowledge in the industry and only the people working in field can deliver this kind of knowledge.  We want to create a platform where both industry & academia will get the benefit, this way, we will be able to contribute to society with our limited capacity.


Engineering Post:  How do you market your trainings and from where one can find the details?

Imran Zafar:  It is era of social networks, so in addition to our website www.enerconsys.com , we have our company Facebook & linked-in pages where we continuously update the details about the courses , In addition, we are in contact with various universities and invite their students for free workshops at our office.


Engineering Post:  Do you also offer internship to students in your company?

Imran Zafar:  Yes, we have yearly internship program as well as we offer final year projects to students.


Engineering Post:  The participants included students from NED and other institutions, and they have given very positive feedback about your trainings, how do you plan to maintain & improve?

Imran Zafar:  Alhamdulillah, we got very good feedback and our intention is to share the knowledge & benefit of the community, we are taking note on the feedback provided by the participants, Insha Allah we will expand and additional topics as we move further.