Electricity production in Pakistan hits record high of 25516 MW

Electricity production has been a standing issue for the longest time in Pakistan. Several past governments have worked for the mitigation of the issue. August 2023 saw the unprecedented power generation of 25,516MW of power, marking an historic peak in the books of the country. This monumental achievement surpasses the previously highest record of 24,600MW set just days prior on August 18. The highest energy ever recorded joined the milestone, registering at 558.35GWH on the same day, August 21. It succeeded the previous record of 555.33GWH recorded on July 8.

This achievement is a result of proactive steps taken by past governments. Only this year more than 5000MW of energy has been added to the national grid. The ministry said that the overall load-shedding hours and shortfall have been better this year when compared with the previous year. The areas of maximum recovery did not face more than two hours of load shedding.

It is pertinent to mention here that the record high generation has not really translated towards relief for the general public as the consistent increase in electricity tariff has caused massive difficulties for the consumers. This sharp increase in expenses, caused by expensive electricity, have been unbearable for the masses and have resulted in large scale protests and non-compliance movements where people have decided not to pay the electricity bill en masse.