DIEF : Get control through touch and fuel optimisation

As a global supplier of green, safe and reliable energy control solutions, DEIF takes responsibility for design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance, offering end-to-end solutions, energy management and customer’s comfort throughout the life-cycle of the project. DEIF solutions are designed for facilities to function smoothly and efficiently. Our revolutionary products and applications are the result of many years of research, development and craving for betterment.

In today’s demanding and fast changing world, the only thing that is constant is the need to identify new means to improve operational proficiencies, especially when dealing with electrical power. DEIF offers innovative solution that gives Power in Control at the touch of a screen. Combining the intelligent and fuel optimised power management system with interactive & elegant human machine interface, DEIF’s solution can let the power plant operators monitor and control power plants with large number of generators from one location.

The strong communication capabilities let the data flow to the HMI and also get seamlessly integrated with the Building Management System or Plant SCADA to give a comprehensive overview.

For smaller installations, it is possible to even integrate third party equipment in to the DEIF network to display relevant information.

Interactive & Elegant HMI Solution

We have a comprehensive HMI solution, DEIF’s Advanced Graphical Interface – AGI 400 series, that allows the user to view the entire system on a single screen thus facilitating convenient and effective monitoring and control of all systems such as fire alarm & extinguishing systems, heating, ventilation & air-conditioning systems, access control, CCTV monitoring, evacuation or any other third party systems and critical parameters simultaneously; from a remote location at the touch of the graphical user interface.

Benefits of AGI 400

  • State-of-the-art HMI for central or remote control and monitoring of mission critical facilities such as Hospitals, Data Centres etc., by integrating with Building Management System
  • Power management systems – control and supervision: one point management, control and supervision of multiple gensets and bus tie breakers.
  • Possibility of individual system control
  • Graphical interface – mechanical and electrical systems: system overviews for mechanical and electrical equipment. Trend measured values to monitor operation performance or when carrying out fault-finding procedures.
  • Effective monitoring of power generation and consumption
  • Improved plant reliability and life
  • Alarm – handling and monitoring: view historical alarm data and accept active alarms.
  • User friendly interfaces increase personnel productivity
  • Effective reduction of downtime risk
  • Eliminates the need for other instruments, saving space and wiring
  • Connects to all DEIF controllers and non-DEIF controllers via TCP/IP/Modbus communication protocols enabling it’s use as a small SCADA system
  • Available in 7″, 10″, 15″ and 21″ sizes
  • Advanced programming tool, DEIF Screen Designer software that allows you to simulate and customise your project on your PC in design phase
  • Multiple levels of user authorization and password protection to safeguard your application and project files

AGC 200 – Fuel Optimised Power Management Solution

Fuel costs are on the rampant rise day by day, which means your genset operating costs will keep on increasing dramatically, thus effectively sustaining loss of net profits.

Introduction of DEIF’s Advanced Genset Controller, AGC 200 into your system helps you to save fuel costs through fuel optimisation technology. In fuel optimisation mode, unequally rated genset in a system will start and stop in the best possible combination for a given load, based on their actual nominal power generating capacity.

The advanced genset controller series integrates all necessary functions for superior genset protection, monitoring & control and stands out for its reliability & operator-friendliness.

Other features of AGC 200

  • Multiple operating modes in one software
  • Synchronisation of up to 56 breakers in one plant
  • Multi-master power management
  • Load-dependent start and stop
  • Load management
  • Priority selection (fuel optimisation, relative running hours, absolute running hours, manual)
  • User-programmable logic (M-Logic)
  • Configurable inputs/outputs
  • Engine, generator and load protection
  • J1939 engine communication, supporting 11 different engine brands with the ability to easily handle other engine brands
  • Remote control via high speed TCP/IP , RS485 Modbus or GSM modem
  • Multi-language interface
  • -40°C operation temperature
  • IP 66 protection
  • Lifetime logging stored on SD card

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