Dhabeji SEZ power project’s cost decreased by Rs106m

The total cost of “Provision of Electricity for Dhabeji Special Economic Zone (SEZ)” project has decreased considerably due to the recent strengthening of PKR against US dollar. In a modified PC-1 of the project the estimated cost has been reduced to Rs 3.941 from Rs 4.047 billion marking a clear difference of Rs 106 million.

The fall in the total cost of the project was caused mainly due to decline in Foreign Exchange Component (FEC) of the project. In the original PC-I the FEC was calculated at Rs 160.12 against one dollar but in the modified PC-1 it  was estimated at Rs 155.94 against a dollar.

This power project is designed to provide electricity to Dhabeji SEZ. According to official document of the project, Karachi Electric has planned construction of 220kV Dhabeji SEZ Grid Station to supply ultimate load of 250MW under the applicable provisions of the Nepra Rules and Regulations to DSEZ.
The implementation period of the project is three years for which Rs 1.210 billion has been earmarked in Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for financial year 2019-20.