Deprived professionalism recuperates management..!

Muneeb Ahmad,  Electrical Manager (PAK)

China states construction and engg corporation limited, Pakistan branch.

Suppression leads deficiencies. Probes have been spotlighted almost in all institutions, sometimes somewhere, even at top management; although personnel have been gone through good scrutinize process. Major root cause lies in basic threshold which assists to benchmark attributes. Huge gap has been noticed between candidates and recruiters just because of management deprived professional courses for which professionals have to pass managerial scales in spite of having top professional courses yielding instability of market. As result, generation of criticism results disappointment with bullwhip effect. This bully initiates negativity in social & cultural society and de rates the ethical values of professionals. On the other hand, people having strong ethnic group try to resist finding alternatives causing brain drain. However, global institutionalization has sought effected area and rectified in modern domains. That is why, new names/domains have been introduced time by time which cover practical implications of which ancestor domain was deprived of.  Introductions of different non technical subjects in academics, training of employees in organizations including R&D have come forward to overcome these issues. Such sort of diffusion made human to enter in ongoing research of “STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE”.


Management is drive which has no likert scale to be assessed. With different inventions, academic developments, researches, case studies & questionnaires and consolidated mark ups are being developed for appraisal. Fortunately, many professionals’ giants differ with conventional policies and prefer to assess candidates after getting match with prilimary requirements. This sort of trend is recuperating with modern civilization and a more way to go. Logically, basic requirement of any task/job is to first do management and then execution according to well defined rules. But here, point should be the indulgence of managerial attributes with professional courses for which every professional is dreaming of to be a successful businessman/employee. Work is being done in this domain as well which is giving a hope for betterment of market. Introduction of new research methods, software, invents & discoveries have already changed mindset of businessmen towards benefits but there are many more to be done with managerial amalgam in order to make it in first readable and then editable qualitative as well as quantitative forms.