Delays could increase cost of Winder dam from Rs10 billion to Rs50 billion

The Supreme Court of Pakistan while hearing a petition of the Balochistan government against the high court decision on auction of the Winder Dam contract said that there should be no delay in the execution of the project as it is of national importance. “The delay in the project could soar the cost from Rs10 billion to Rs50 billion,” Justice Amin remarked.

The Winder Dam is a proposed small, low-head, earth core rockfill, hydroelectric power generation dam of 0.3 megawatt generation capacity, located across Winder River about 100 km from Karachi in Lasbela District, Balochistan

Winder dam is an earth-core rock-fill dam which will create gross storage of 36,484 acre-foot water to irrigate 10,000 acres of command area, and its power house will generate 300 kW electricity.

Winder Dam project will now be constructed at the cost of Rs15.230 billion. The federal government will finance the project entirely, which would be executed by Irrigation Department of Balochistan government.

The main objective of the project is to provide 50 cusecs assured irrigation water supply to irrigate 10,000 acres of agriculture land round the year with average cropping intensity of 82 percent.