Danish ambassador urges Wasa to expedite work on Water treatment plant

Ambassador of Denmark Lis Rosenholm and Bente Schiller, Deputy Head of Mission paid a visit to the WASA Faisalabad Head Office. The delegation was welcomed by Divisional Commissioner Saqib Manan, Vice Chairman Sheikh Shahid Javed and Managing Director WASA Jabbar Anwar Chaudhry.

During the meeting Ambassador of Denmark Lis Rosenholm urge the officials of WASA  to expedite the work on wastewater treatment plant so that timely completion of the plant was possible. She appreciated the service of WASA Faisalabad as an institution and hoped that WASA Faisalabad would play its full role in terms of wastewater treatment plant

Waste water treatment plant is a mega project worth about Rs. 19 billion which would solve the problem of environmental protection as well as water supply for crops. WASA Chairman Sheikh Shahid Javed also presented special souvenirs and gifts to the high level delegation.