Dadex launches Pakistan’s first ‘Antimicrobial Pipes’

CEO & Director of Dadex Qazi Sajid Ali said that following our vision of ‘innovation’, we are now introducing “Antimicrobial Water Supply Pipes”, manufactured by using world’s latest D2P technology, a revolutionary technology used for the first time in the piping industry of Pakistan in collaboration with Business Dynamics. The purpose is to provide clean and safe water to the people of Pakistan.”

He was speaking at a signing ceremony between Dadex Eternit Limited and Business Dynamics Private Limited.

He said that “Microbial contamination build-up in water distribution pipes pose a direct risk to public health because of water borne diseases. Dadex being the market leader and trend setter in piping industry of Pakistan is committed to water conservation as well as the supply of safe water for the health & well-being of people.”

Explaining the importance of “Antimicrobial pipes,” Amir Younis, Managing Director Business Dynamics said that pipes are the backbone of water distribution systems and they provide a suitable milieu for microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi and algae. Microbes which survive in the distribution system process have the ability to grow and produce a surface deposit of microorganisms, and organic and inorganic materials that accumulate within a slime layer called “BIO FILM”. It induces many problems in water like; change in color, odor, taste and turbidity, blockage of pipes and inefficacy of disinfection treatment.