CPEC elevating Balochistan

Islamabad: CPEC has affected the whole country in every aspect but it has been vital for the development of Baluchistan. For the first time in the history of the region Baluchistan has received the due attention due to gawadar port. According to a recent interview that appeared in the Chinese media Chief of the China overseas port holding company, the company that is tunning Gawadar port, CEO Zhang Bao Zhong has said that Gawadar is currently employing more than 2000 locals for its operations. He said that most of these positions are high level positions like marketing manager, finance manager, human resource manager etc. He said that Xi Jinping, the president of China had once said that all the people shall benefit from CPEC and that is exactly what his company intended to do.

Another major contribution has been the setting up of educational institutions which are being financed by china along with education departments of Paksiatan. The 1st school started with 150 students but now has the capacity of 500 students. Along with a state of the art school a vocational training institute, 50-bed hospital and recruitment of a considerable number of locals in ongoing development projects are the benefits being offered to around twenty-six hundred thousand people of Gwadar. The Local population mainly consists of fishermen who have, until now, been living on their day to day catch.

The development of modern Infrastructure and provision of clean water educational and health facilities can provide a massive boost to the local population which has been neglected for far too long.