NUST develops testing kits, ventilators and screening app

COVID-19 | NUST develops testing kits, ventilators and screening app

The National University of Sciences & Technology, one of the top universities in Pakistan has occupied the frontline in the fight against the pandemic of COVID-19.

During a recent visit of Federal Minister for Science & Technology Chaudhry Fawad Hussain to NUST main campus he was given a demonstration of the remote controlled decontamination drone systems developed by NUST scientists for disinfecting open and closed spaces. These systems will clean high-risk and critically important locations, such as hospitals, in- and outdoor quarantine camps, airports, commercial spaces, etc.

NUST has also been working on indigenous development of equipment used for prevention against COVID-19.

Coronavirus Testing Kits: NUST has developed PCR-based testing kits for the detection of Coronavirus.

Ventilators: Ventilator systems for short-term stabilisation (ranging from few hours to 1 day) of COVID-19 patients according to the specifications of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulator Agency (MHRA), UK.

Screening App: Bilingual (Urdu & English) COVID-19 self-screening app by the name of COVID CHECK PAKISTAN has been developed. It is the world’s first Urdu app for Android. The app enables citizens to screen for COVID-19 while staying at home, and not putting themselves and others at risk by going to hospitals.

Sanitizers: High-quality sanitizers for microbial control, produced as per World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Control Disease (CDC), USA revised guidelines, issued in March 2020. These include the Virucidal Sanitizer for general public, certified by PCSIR Labs Lahore, NIH Islamabad and Islamabad Diagnostics Centre; and the Virucidal Pro-Sanitizer and Disinfectant, for clinics, quarantined and suspected areas.