Construction of 19 roads in SITE being planned


Secretary Industries Sindh, Dr Nasim-ul-Ghani Sahito while speaking at a meeting of Site Association of Industry (SAI) said that Sindh Government has shown willingness for the construction and carpeting of 19 roads of SITE Karachi. The work will be done by SITE Limited. He said that during construction of new roads, rain and sewerage drains will also be constructed on both sides and Centre of road to avert water accumulation and extend road life.

Zubair Motiwala asked him to first make traffic diversions so that the commuters suffer the least. Motiwala and Chawla stressed the need to revive Works Committee of SITE LIMITED to monitor construction of roads in SITE Area and appreciated the efforts of MD SITE Limited in this regard.

Roads in SITE area are not suitable for vehicles anymore and need urgent repairs. He also referred the working efficiency of SITE Limited due to 1000 surplus staff, the body has no money to spend on the uplift of infrastructure which continues to deteriorate with the passage of time. Water recycling plants of KWSB, HUBCO and Combined Effluent Treatment Plants of SITE and Korangi also came under discussion.