Construction industry helping economy

Due to courageous decisions of government under the graved impact of pandemic, the economy is paving ways towards the right direction. As the government tried to keep moving the wheel of economy by providing timely stimulus packages in construction sector, this has also created employment opportunities for daily wagers. With mega projects like Naya Pakistan Housing Authority, construction sector is about to bloom in all domains. The main reason to announce the incentives for construction sector was to increase the employment opportunities for new investments. Subsidy for Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme has been increased to Rs33 billion while the federal government is finalizing with the provinces to reduce the sales tax on the construction industry. Though there was a decline in trade, current account and fiscal deficit in the current fiscal year but Pakistan has scored good points to improve the index.  Along with international investments and projects being initiated in Pakistan by international institutions, the Pak rupee has recently gained strength against the US dollar.