Chinese interested to invest in ElectroCure

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ignite Yusuf Hussain informed the National Assembly Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication that a chinese company has shown keen interest to invest in ElectroCure technology. Ali Khan Jadoon chaired the meeting.
ElectroCure can reduce electricity losses up to 90% through theft detection, load balancing and identifying other administrative/technical loss reduction procedures within electricity infrastructure. This product provides real-time data acquisition of electricity distribution network, metering, monitoring and control. This system not only reduces electricity theft but also reduces HR cost by automatically sending anomaly alerts and the metering data to the central billing system for billing purposes with least input from HR. Once in place, the meters installed at consumer premises will be no longer needed, thus, naturally there are no added costs on the supply companies for the implementation of the ElectroCure project.
The ElectroCure project was financed by the Ignite National Technology Fund under the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication.